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Pest Control 

Rainmaker Irrigation & Landscaping, Inc. is a licensed Certified Pest Control Operator in the State of Florida with years of experience in ornamental and turfgrass pest management.  We are current on all herbicide, insecticide and pesticide products and practices.  We maintain all types of turfgrasses including St. Augustine, Bahia, Zoysia and Bermuda.  Our fertilization program includes both liquid and granular applications.

At, Rainmaker®, you will never be met by a "salesman" to evaluate your problem and sell you a maintenance program, and then treated by a "technician" who is only trained and supervised under a Certified Pest Control Operator.  With Rainmaker, your lawn will be evaluated and treated by an actual Certified Pest Control Operator with year of experience and training.

Pest Control Services

• Insect Control
• Disease Control
• Fertilization for Turf
• Fertilization for Shrubs & Plants 

• Lawn & Ornamental Consultation
• Pre-Emergent & Post-Emergent             Weed Control
• Monthly or Bi-Monthly Services  

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